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nice to meet you. I am in charge of the design of Uluwatu Tiger. This is Nakanowatari.

There are only two and a half months left in 2023.

This year, there were summer festivals and fireworks displays, and I think it was a year in which life returned to normal.

The number of events has increased, and the city has become brighter, and just when I thought it was a fun summer, the air has become cooler and the city is starting to take on the colors of autumn.

Before you know it, you'll see people walking around town wearing short sleeves.

If it's chilly, try putting on another layer or wearing a sweatshirt.

Or try putting sleeves on new clothes.

The change of seasons is perfect for updating yourself.

At Uluwatu Tiger,
So that you can create a contour for a short outing.

So that when you cut out everyday life, the moment becomes beautiful.

I have been diligently making bags every day.

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Amazon Prime Thanksgiving

Uluwatu Tiger is

We're having our biggest sale ever.

Uluwatu Tiger is holding its biggest sale ever for this fall's biggest festival event.

This is an even greater discount than the regular price .

The target is all products suitable for festivals. Everything from the standard and best-selling model is on sale.

We hope that as many people as possible will incorporate Uluwatu Tiger bags into their lifestyles and spend their days filled with excitement.

Please enjoy the Uluwatu Tiger bags that we bring to you with confidence.

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This sale is the lowest price even going back to previous large-scale sales on Amazon.
Due to the largest price reduction, there is a possibility that this item may be out of stock. If there is a product you want, we recommend purchasing it early.

Well then, I hope your new daily life will be wonderful along with your new bag.

Make a wish.

Uluwatu Tiger staff

2023.10.15 00:21 added

Thank you for the first day of Prime Day Thanksgiving!
Although we have sufficient inventory, some items may be out of stock. We recommend that you pay for the items in your cart as soon as possible, as they may be sold out when you reopen.