The suspicious secret of the Uluwatu Tiger.

My name is Matsushima and I am mainly in charge of customer service at Uluwatu Tiger.

One day, when I was searching the official website on Google, this screen came up, and I decided to write this article to share the secret with Uluwatu Tiger fans.

[Uluwatu Tiger Suspicious] The reason for this is clear: when you open the company's address on Google Street View , it's surprisingly located in the mountains, making it look like the company doesn't even exist.

Itoshima City has quickly become famous as a tourist attraction, ranking third in the world in the 2021 ranking of "Brightlights, small city" conducted by the British information magazine "MONOCLE", but since 2013, Google has also updated its images. There is a company with a high-spec warehouse exclusively for Uluwatu Tigers in a rural area that is hard to find in Japan.

This warehouse is equipped with a total of 5 commercial dehumidifiers that are in constant operation, and serves as a temporary storage area for products before they are taken to the office where final inspection takes place.

There are very few apparel companies, both in Japan and overseas, that install high-spec dehumidifiers in warehouses where they temporarily store their products, as it is not profitable to do so.

The first and last time I saw this commercial dehumidifier on the Internet was in the atelier of Takashi Murakami, one of Japan's leading contemporary artists.

The bags are transported to a building approximately 5 minutes from this high-spec warehouse, and after a final check, they are shipped all over the country.

If you only look at Google Maps Street View, it may seem like a suspicious company, but when you actually open the lid, it turns out that they actually have a high-spec warehouse to handle your bags with great care.

We carefully store your bags before they reach your hands!


2022.12.15 added
This head office warehouse has been relocated! We are currently storing our bags in a more controlled building.