Recruitment information

VANGVI Co., Ltd. is looking for people who can sympathize with and carry out the following work direction.

・Providing a rich lifestyle to the world through our work with bags.

・Have the desire to take on new challenges and create something reliable.
- Cherish each and every item and approach your work with a sense of responsibility.
・To make sure that the dreams and hopes you envision come true.

【job description】
I will be in charge of the general operations of UluWatu Tiger.
You can be involved in all aspects of apparel production company operations, from website design and management to final confirmation of products before shipping and administrative work.

Since we are a company that handles bags, we can come up with new product plans and ideas. Please think about various things and suggest why this design is good, not only the function but also the design that colors the lifestyle and is it useful for people = is it a product that will sell?

【Qualification requirements】
*Regardless of new graduate recruitment or mid-career recruitment.

[Human resources sought]
・People who sympathize with the brand concept
・Those who can use Photoshop or who can learn it before joining the company ・Those who are interested in making things

*For jobs and recruitment, we will give preferential treatment to those who wish to live or move to Fukuoka/Itoshima.

Kashii Women's Junior College/Department of General Fashion, Seika Women's Junior College/Department of Lifestyle Business, Kyushu Women's University/Department of Human Lifestyle, Koran Fashion Design College, Kyushu Designer Academy, Omura Beauty Fashion College, Fukuoka Women's High School/Clothing Design Department・Kashii High School/Fashion Design Department/Fukuoka University

【Work location】
973-4 Nijo Fukae, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture

[Recruitment number]
a few people

【Employment status】
full-time employee

【Working hours】
8 hours of actual work

It does not matter whether the person has an academic background, such as a high school graduate, vocational graduate, or university graduate.
Monthly salary 180,000 yen~
*Preferential treatment will be given according to our company regulations, taking into account experience, ability, and achievements.
Commuting allowance (actual expenses paid, upper limit: 10,000 yen per month)

[Salary increase/bonus]
Salary increase: Once a year Bonus: Twice a year (depending on performance)

Paid vacation (granted after 6 months of joining the company)
Two-day weekend system

Overseas training

[Application destination]

Please send your resume as a PDF file to with [Full-time job application] in the subject line. A paper resume is not required, but please include your motivation for applying. * We do not accept applications over the phone.

・Office exterior 1

・Office exterior 2

・Interior view of the warehouse attached to the head office