We have started wrapping service.

We have started a gift wrapping service that we have been hearing from you for some time. If you add gift wrapping to your cart, we will gift wrap your item and ship it to you.

We apologize for taking up your time. Thank you for your continued support of Uluwatu Tiger.

・Image of the gift-wrapped product arriving

If you order from the official shop, the PREMIUM tote bag will arrive in a large vertically long cardboard box to prevent the handle from bending. *Specifications may change depending on the circumstances of the affiliated warehouse.

The gift wrapping is just the right size to fit in a box this big.
The size of the PREMIUM tote bag makes it so appealing as a gift.

Uluwatu Tiger's PREMIUM tote is perfect as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or celebration. Please take advantage of this convenient gift wrapping service from our official website. A gift bag that costs 880 yen when purchased at the regular price will be available gift wrapped for 480 yen (tax included).