[Q&A] Regarding the specifications of the genuine logo model

We have summarized the differences in the specifications of the genuine logo model, which we often receive questions about, so we hope you will find it useful when choosing your favorite bag.

・Difference between BCD and BCB

BCD is a strong and soft bag designed with suppleness in mind, designed for everyday use. This is a classic model that is a best seller at Uluwatu Tiger. It can be used for everything from short outings to one-night and two-day trips.

BCB is a business casual model based on the shape of BCD, with piping applied to the opening of the bag. Since the shape is fixed, the bag can easily stand on its own, giving it a casual but also formal impression, so BCB is recommended for business use.

・Difference between BCD and BBC

BBC is a large capacity model of BCD. Although BCD has a large capacity, it was developed based on the desire to carry documents larger than A4. It is a little large for daily use, so we recommend using it in situations where capacity is absolutely necessary.


BCD for everyday use, BDB for business casual, large capacity BBC,
This was an introduction to three different models that look similar but have a lot of individuality. Please look for the product that is perfect for you!