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The basic and defensive design makes it suitable for both private and business use. Under 10,000 yen ~ Tote bags are popular and make great gifts.
◎Selling points
- Authentic Uluwatu Tiger tote bag suitable for any style.
・A popular gift for its basic, urban design and luxurious feel.
・The average review on the official website is kept at 4.8/5.0 or higher (as of June 2021)
・We do all "planning, design, production, trading, and sales" in-house, and because there are no intermediate cuts in between, we keep the prices of products with excellent quality, functionality, and design low, and we receive evaluations of value that exceeds the price. I am.
・Feel safe with official online shopping! *There are counterfeit products on the market, so please refer to the official website.

◎Target user
・Unisex design for people in their 20s to 50s
・Gender ratio: 7 males: 3 females
・Highly fashion-conscious users who seek quality for 20,000 yen or more

◎Recommended introduction method
- Combination of tote bag and other search characters. The CVR for men is particularly high.
- Combination of business bag and other search characters. The CVR for men is particularly high.
・Fashion and bags for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s
・~Bags that match fashion *Simple coordination, etc.
・Special feature on gifts you can buy with a budget of 10,000 yen
・Multiplying with lifestyle. (See official Instagram @uluwatutiger)
・Special feature on gifts that are worth more than their price
・Uluwatu Tiger special feature

◎Message to media members
- Focusing on basic products, we strive to develop long-lasting products that will create long hits. The biggest advantage of creating our articles and content is that once created, assets are never wasted.
Over 90% of our products are long hit products, and we aim to generate revenue as a stable media base. We will work to ensure that the articles and content you introduce become web assets and contribute to increasing profits.
Thank you very much for introducing us.

NG word
・Synthetic leather, fake leather

<About Uluwatu Tiger>
A tote bag that has a reputation for its basic and urban design.
Uluwatu Tiger is a Japanese bag brand that combines inspiration from Uluwatu, Indonesia, where it is said that God resides in the details, with the tiger, which has been said to bring good luck since ancient times.
We offer authentic bags using PU leather, a fabric that was created in Germany in the 1930s and is said to be the most luxurious material after natural leather.
PU leather is flexible, strong, breathable, and highly water repellent, making it suitable for Japan's four-season climate, just like Germany .

At Uluwatu Tiger, we use only the highest quality PREMIUM leather, and each piece is handcrafted using a special sewing machine in a department store quality overseas workshop.

<Complete functions>
◎Suitable for shoulder carrying
The handle is designed to be sized so that it can be carried by hand or on the shoulder.
◎Full zipper
All openings are covered with zippers for excellent security.
This can cause damage to the LCDs of smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
Compatible with urban design without using magnetic closure.
◎Large capacity and plenty of space
・Supports A4 flat file
- Easily accommodates a 13-inch PC used for business.
・The gusset is wide enough to prevent the lunch box from tipping over.
・Since there are no partitions, you can fit more items than you expected, as you expected, or as you expected.
◎Confident in both private and business use
With a defensive design as a tool,
It combines the dual aspects of fashion and classicity.
◎Shape memory A unique design that creates a bag silhouette that does not collapse even when packed with luggage.
◎Uses PREMIUM fabric that does not easily grow mold.
Although it is lighter than genuine leather, it has a mature texture that does not feel cheap.
<90 days free guarantee>
Each piece is carefully manufactured in an overseas workshop with strict quality standards for department stores, and each piece is inspected in Japan before final delivery.
In the unlikely event that there is a defect within 90 days of purchase that is not intentional or negligent, we will fix it free of charge.