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Collaboration item with Koichi Matsuda's original work ``The Cat Who Traveled the World.''

A limited edition collaboration bag with a gold symbol design of the Uluwatu Tiger and a hand-printed silk screen of cats that have traveled the world.

By designing a black-and-white cat on a black fabric, we imagine a cat opening colorful pages every day.

We create products with a focus on the Japanese lifestyle and physique that coordinate beautifully even when worn casually.

UluWatu Tiger's original model combines casualness with a classic and mature atmosphere.

Developed in Germany in the 1930s without using genuine leather. We make bags using premium PU materials. It has a vibrant design and is lightweight enough for everyday use.

The main material and core composition have been changed from the men's model to create a chewy softness and comfort for everyday use.

The premium PU material is maintenance-free, making it a special piece made for modern urban lifestyles that you can safely gift to your loved ones. * Resistant to mold.

The handle has plenty of play when worn over the shoulder, and the gusset has a large capacity of 13cm, which is hard to tell just by looking at it. It can easily fit A4 files and a 13-inch PC, so it can be used for short trips of 2 days and 1 night.

The opening has a zipper for high security, and is not only stylish but also functional.

Only one item can be purchased per person.

Size details: Top (approx. 47cm) x bottom (approx. 35.5cm) x height (approx. 30cm) x gusset (approx. 13cm)



Uluwatu Tiger is a Japanese bag brand that combines inspiration from Uluwatu, Indonesia, where it is said that God resides in the details, with the tiger, which has been said to bring good luck since ancient times. We are expanding globally based on creating special products that suit the physique and lifestyle of Japanese people.

[About GIFT]
It is chosen by many people as a gift for their loved ones . We offer gift wrapping services on Amazon and Rakuten, so if you are considering a gift, please purchase from these two sites. If you are thinking of wrapping it yourself, please prepare a paper bag and ribbon so that it will come together neatly.

*For those considering a gift*
Uluwatu Tiger's bags are simple, luxurious, and easy to incorporate into fashion, so they are used by people of all ages regardless of the person or occasion, and we often receive happy feedback that the gift was a success.
In addition, there is a high possibility that it will be used on a daily basis regardless of the style, so it is fun to give it as a gift.

The story of Uluwatu Tiger begins with a bag I encountered at a small shop on the street while traveling. It was unbranded and the stitching was in tatters as a bag. Who knows how much potential this bag has?

However, if you don't treat them roughly and continue to polish the rough stones that are placed in front of you, you might become a being who can soar to the outside world.

Even if the conditions aren't the best, if you approach each thing carefully, you can definitely achieve it. I want to prove to the loved ones I have shared time with on my travels that even a bag like the ones sold on the street can become unique if you put your heart and soul into it. With that in mind, I decided to create a brand based on one bag that inspired me.

Even now, as time has passed and we can often be seen on the streets, we continue to cherish each and every bag, without forgetting our origins, and send out only the best bags to the world. We are happy to accompany your unique story as a lucky item that will make your future better.