adult behavior

The origin of Uluwatu Tiger as a brand lies in its encounter with Kokalot from STORY . We met on a trip and have been friends for eight years now.

The time they spent together over foreign food, without either confirming or denying each other's challenges, was an important learning experience in forming the Uluwatu Tiger brand.

Today, I would like to talk about ``adult personal behavior,'' which is the core of that learning and is also the theme of the brand.

When you want to make a big change, appearance has a big impact.


For example, even if you cut your bangs by just 1 mm or shave your eyebrows by 1 mm, your worldview will change dramatically.

I feel like the best day starts when I go out wearing my favorite clothes.
On days when I wear a new shirt and go out, I feel like my inner world is somehow clearer and I smile with confidence.

When I go out wearing clean shoes, my feet feel lighter,

When someone compliments my bag, it's as if my sense of taste is being praised, and it's as if my clothes are holding me back.

There are two diagonal perspectives on such ``personal taste.''

A perspective from the person you're with.

Whether it's family, friends, lovers, or business partners.
If the person I'm with is dressed beautifully, I feel proud because I feel like they've recognized me somehow.

A third-person perspective.

Whether it's a family member, friend, lover, or business partner,
I feel like I can trust someone just by looking nice.

Life may be an exaggeration, but as we all walk through the story of daily life, personal taste is one of the strategies for making things go smoothly.

Returning to the topic here, one of the things I learned from Kokalot was the power of personal taste.

We live in an era where things are overflowing.

When he realized that his criterion for choosing things was ``personal taste,'' and that the reason was to make the people he was with happy. I still remember the feeling of the beautiful world spreading all over my body like goosebumps and my legs shaking.

Uluwatu Tiger's brand story is based on ``personal taste,'' and it is not a bag that can be enjoyed as it changes over time. We aim to create beauty that suits everyone's tastes and that everyone can empathize with.

When I thought that through the Uluwatu Tiger bag, not only the person carrying it but also the people around them would be happy, I felt so happy, perhaps a pervert, that I finally decided to compromise on the production. I get so excited that I run out of options.

This is the essence of the fun of making bags.

Author: Representative JP